‘Rejoice Over You’ – From the Ground Up Devotion #12

The voice of God has a starring role in the Bible. It declares “let there be light” at the beginning of time, and “behold, I am coming soon” right near the end of Revelation. It splits the cedars, brings calm to storms, comes forth from a burning bush, proclaims salvation and healing, and is heard as Jesus is baptised. Sometimes it thunders. Sometimes it is a whisper. The writer of Hebrews even tells us that Jesus “sustains all things by His powerful word”. How can a word sustain something? I’ve always thought that was a bit unusual. If we have a look at what sound is, I think we begin to get some insight as to how Jesus holds all things together (see Colossians 1:15-17). That which happens in the natural can sometimes give us an idea of what God does in the spiritual.

Sound, simply put, is vibration. When I speak, particles are set into motion, all the way from my voicebox to your ear. They vibrate in sympathy with the sound of my voice. Everything that vibrates produces a sound, and everything that produces a sound vibrates. It’s impossible for things not to move physically when we speak. It’s the same when God speaks – things have to move. Physicists tell us that “everything that exists is in a constant state of vibratory motion”. That means everything is vibrating, and it always has been: every particle, atom or molecule.

I think that when God spoke the world into being, He set forth His voice to shape, form and sustain everything. His voice brought form to the matter that He had created. His voice is the “glue”, so to speak, that holds all things together – every atom, every thing, every person. His voice is holding you together. He is sustaining you. He could speak a word right now and we’d all be done, but He doesn’t, because He loves. The words He speaks sustain us, lead us, and quite literally hold us together.

But God not only sustains us, He sings over us. In Zephaniah, God’s people are told that He rejoices over them with singing. Imagine what God’s singing voice would sound like! I imagine a deep, rich, resonant sound – one that both warms and shakes me from the inside when I hear it. I may not always see the words of God instantly brought to fruition in my life, but if He’s declared them, they will happen. In the physical, as soon as anyone speaks, things have to move. It’s the same in the spiritual world. When He speaks, things must move. His words are holding your future in hope and security!

Scriptures to check out: Isaiah 55:8-13, Zephaniah 3:14-17.

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