‘Filled With You’ – From the Ground Up Devotion #10

We learn from those that have gone before us – the ones who have demonstrated faith and hope, despite their circumstances and own failings. David’s life has long been acknowledged as that of a true worshiper: honest, raw, passionate and undignified. You read his conversations with God, his songs, his heart throughout the Psalms and it’s clear that he worshiped the Lord honestly and without holding anything back. It’s this approach to worship that needs to pervade our lives – that’s been a big lesson for me during the making of this latest album. Worship despite your circumstances and feelings.

God knows us intimately, and knows every detail, so why do we sometimes hesitate in displaying the rawness and mess that is us being poured out? The only way for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit is for us to empty ourselves – to let loose those things that take up unnecessary space. The story of Mary’s boldness in pouring the oil over Jesus’ feet has always struck a chord with me. A woman who, despite what those around her would have thought (and let’s face it, would have said), took the oil and her place at Jesus’ feet. She worshiped Him for who He was with everything that she had. She held nothing back. A great act of intimacy, met with mercy and grace.

Moses was courageous, bold and faithful and He saw the face of God. Don’t be afraid to go there, to give Him everything you have. Hold the things of this world loosely – that’s what I’ve had to keep telling myself. Hold wants and desires in hands that are willing to let them go if He asks you to. Moses brought the Israelites together in a time when they were stripped of their freedom and disempowered. Let’s stand together, as many empty vessels, as a body and be filled with Him – let’s put aside our own personal objectives and be moved by the Holy Spirit to where the Father is leading us all together as children of God.

Take courage, be bold, and don’t hold back. Our whole life is worship and by emptying ourselves out we generate a greater thirst for the one thing that can satisfy our soul – The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Scriptures to check out: Luke 7, Ephesians 3:14-21.

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