‘Your Beloved’ – From the Ground Up Devotion #8

Above all things, we are children of God. He knows every detail, and before we were even formed He had a plan, dream, vision and purpose for each of our lives. Your Beloved is written as a declaration over our lives, that foremost we are His beloved. It’s easy to forget, amongst all the distractions of this world, the unconditional love that the Father expressed through His sacrifice of Jesus. It has no boundaries, it has no requirements, it has no caveats – it’s poured out for all of humanity (1 John 3:1-3).

Romans 8: 14-17 talks of our transformation from slavery to Sonship. Through the sacrifices of Jesus and the pouring out of His Spirit, we experience our adoption and become co-heirs with Christ. We are positioned to approach God face to face. No longer are we required to seek His presence, His wisdom, His holiness through a priest. No longer are we required to carry out rituals or processes to make ourselves clean before we seek Him out – instead, He’s the Father waiting for the prodigal Son. He’s waiting, watching and ready to welcome us home into abundance.

In welcoming us home, He invites to share in His love, His mercy, and grace. As co-heirs with Christ, we are always connected to the Father. In being connected, we must align ourselves to His will and way, being guided by the Father in every step, move, and breath we take. We are to act selflessly, as He did for us, and to love others as He loves them. It is great to be loved, but even greater to love others.

Scriptures to check out: Romans 8:14-17, Romans 9:25-26, 1 John 3:1-3.

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