‘The Potter and the Clay’ – From the Ground Up Devotion #5

God formed us in our mother’s womb, knitted us together, but during that time we weren’t aware of how painful stretching and moulding could be. Now, fully formed, it hurts to be bent and moulded, to be clay in the Lord’s hands – but it is essential in our Christian walk to be in full surrender to God. He knows our every need, every thought, and every desire. It’s this bigger picture view that allows God to know what’s best for us, to know where we need to be pushed, prodded or re-shaped. He doesn’t do this out of anger or disappointment; He does it out of love for us.

The Potter and the Clay came out of a desire to express to God, a willingness to be shaped by Him, to be worked through, to be refined into what He has planned. Sometimes the words aren’t easy to sing – they carry a weight of responsibility. If we are going to sing to God and declare that He can do whatever He likes to shape us, we need to mean it and be nothing but sincere. We need to remember that He is kind and gracious, and we need to trust in Him that what He has planned is perfect for us and for our situation.

Trusting God to prevail in challenging and difficult circumstances is not easy – it’s hard. To remain hopeful is a great act of faith. In these times we must remember God’s promises, that He will never leave, that He never forsakes us. His love endures, through all of life’s circumstances, His love endures for eternity. He mends brokenness, He restores life, He reunites, He heals, He delivers and He overcomes.

I encourage you, when listening to, or singing these words to God, to take a moment to appreciate the significance of what you are singing, that you sing these words over your life, family and circumstances, and know that God’s perfect way will prevail.

Scriptures to check out: Isaiah 61, Isaiah 64:8, Jeremiah 18:1-7.

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