‘When the Sun Rises’ – From the Ground Up Devotion #3

Life brings with it many joys, disappointments, triumphs and trials. Rob and I have been reminded of this significantly over the past few years, from having witnessed our cherished loved ones passing away, to experiencing challenging health issues, to being blessed beyond comprehension with work opportunities and watching our siblings get married and become first time parents. When you experience these realities of life, it is easy for our experience to determine our view of God.

The truth of God’s word, above all things, should be the foundation for how we view Him. He is a God who is faithful (Psalm 119:90), a God who provides (John 14:13-14), and a God who is always good (Psalm 106:1). This only just begins to describe His character.

“When the Sun Rises” came out of personal worship time. An encouragement to my soul and spirit to praise the Lord, despite circumstances, to continually sing praise, to lift my hands towards heaven and give thanks for every breath I’ve been given. To surrender wants and desires, handing them over completely to God. He demonstrated ultimate sacrifice by sending His son Jesus to redeem us, to make a way for us to have eternal life in Heaven – the least we can do is surrender the burdens of these fleeting moments on earth as a way of drawing closer and pouring out ourselves in awe of His greatness.

Psalm 113 encourages us to praise the Lord now and forevermore. Psalm 103 exhorts us to praise Him from our innermost being. Every part of us needs to position itself in praise of everything that Jesus is, all the time. I was reminded recently that it comes down to worship being both in spirit and truth. We cannot let our earthly experiences determine how we praise our Almighty God – we have to, at all times, come boldly before His throne and worship Him for His truth and promise. Worship isn’t only restricted to our church services, we worship God with our entire lives, everything we do, everything we are.

Scripture to check out: Psalm 113, Psalm 103.

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