TSP Devotion #4: ‘Pour It At Your Feet’

In John 12 we are told of a feast held by Lazarus to honour Jesus. After the group finish their meal Lazarus’ sister Mary takes a jar of nard (aromatic oil) and pours it upon the feet of Jesus. She then wipes His feet with her hair. The house becomes filled with the fragrance of the perfume. While some in the house question why the perfume has been wasted, Jesus is quick to defend Mary and acknowledge the intent of her actions.

This act foretold what was about to happen, that Jesus was the Messiah, that He had come to save the world from sin, that His death was near. Whether she fully understood what was to come, we’ll never know, but what Mary did was to honour Jesus for who He really was in a time when many questioned if He was the Messiah at all.

This still resonates with us today, in that so many question the existence and power of Jesus. In writing this song, the purpose was to again, bring ourselves to the feet of Jesus, and instead of pouring something from a jar, pouring out and offering up ourselves fully to Him. It is easy to give up material things, but when we are called to fully submit our life to the ways which are higher than ours it can be a struggle. We can find ourselves wrestling with God, clinging onto to the things which give us worldly security, rather than clinging to the Father in whom we can trust. Perhaps think about something that you could let go of that would mean you have to trust in Him a little more?

We are continually in awe of the amazing things that God has given us, and those around us. To hear stories of God’s goodness and mercy in a time when we are surrounded by stories of despair and heartbreak is comforting and encouraging. In no way should we ignore life’s struggles, but we must look to things that bring hope and freedom as they are the very essence of God’s love, and it is this that brings change to our lives and our circumstances.

God does ask us to be sacrificial, but he doesn’t ask of us anything he wouldn’t do himself. He paid the ultimate sacrifice, He gave us His Son.

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