TSP Devotion #3: ‘We Won’t Be Silent’

Most people in a country like ours tend to see themselves as free. We are free to vote, we are allowed freedom of speech, we can believe what we want to believe, and, in most cases, we can do what we want to do. Our national anthem says that we’re “young and free”. The national anthem of the USA sings about “the land of the free”. Many other countries declare similar things about their lands. Most people in a nation like Australia are fed, watered, clean, have shelter, jobs and money, and are maybe even happy, yet something still seems wrong. Despite living in supposed freedom, most people are not free at all. Not yet.

Too many people I know are fenced in by the expectations that other people place on them, or the desire for approval. They are ruled by money. They are enslaved by addiction. They are weighed down by depression or hopelessness. They are afflicted by sickness. They are distracted by fear. Something doesn’t seem right, because they aren’t free, and they were made to be free. You were made to be free. When you are enslaved by sin or weighed down by fear, it seems wrong because it’s contrary to the way you were designed to function. Anything that does not lead you to freedom is of the enemy. 1 John 3:8 says “the reason the Son of Man appeared was to destroy the devil’s work”. Jesus came to bring you freedom, and who the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).

We were in the Philippines recently, and were at a church one morning worshiping Jesus with a group of around 50 other believers. We moved into a time of singing praise to God spontaneously, and as one we began to thank God for His goodness and for setting us free, each person in their own words and language. One woman began to shout and cry out to God louder than everyone else, although I had no idea what she was saying, as she was speaking the local language. After a while she seemed overwhelmed by joy, and worshiped God through tears. We continued to worship, and I forgot all about what had happened until later in the day, when someone informed me that the lady had been thanking God for who He is, and as she did this, he healed a long-term condition in her back! Nobody prayed for her, and nobody laid hands on her. She was simply declaring God’s truth, and she found freedom.

His freedom is being released all over the world, and it helps to remind ourselves of this. He’s redeeming our land. He’s drawing the lost to Himself. He’s healing diseases. I know too many people who are not free, but I know the One who has the answer. And because He’s set me free, I won’t be silent. I cannot be silent. He has proven Himself so faithful and powerful that we could shout His goodness for the rest of our lives and not scratch the surface of what He has done. How has God proven himself to be true to you? The truth will set you free.

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